Welcome Baby Boy

He’s here!! On July 6th at 7:32 pm, Easton Michael was born! He is absolutely perfect and we are all completely in love. I thought I would take this time to introduce him to you all and share some beautiful photos taken by the talented, Bridget Thomas Photography.

Rylan and Sofia were the first to come meet Easton at the Hospital the morning after his birthday! My mom brought them down and they were completely smitten. Rylan has been so super helpful since his baby brother was born. Being 7, he has taken on the role of helper quickly and is loving all of it. And Sofia just loves snuggling her baby and telling him stories. It is too cute!!


It is incredible how quickly we have all adjusted already. Cooking dinner and bed time routines have been a bit hectic (as expected)… but we are doing our best to not make any big changes to the big kids routines. I feel like it is super important to maintain some of their routines so that they don’t feel slighted by the birth of their baby brother.

Sofia is loving having her baby brother join us for her bedtime story and some snuggles before bed. And Rylan has been amazing with being so independent with his shower and bedtime routine. He also loves having Easton join us for reading at bedtime and has even been picking books he thinks the baby will enjoy listening to him read.

We are all really loving this transition from a family of four to a family of five!!  I think all of these photos really capture us as a family! Bridget, our photographer, has been a long time friend and has always taken our photos. She was there to take our wedding photos and has taken all of our kiddos newborn photos. She is super talented and I highly recommend her to anyone local! Here is her website for anyone interested! 

I look forward to sharing more of Easton and our life as a family of five! Stay tuned for a post of his nursery with links!


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