Easton’s Nursery

Hi!! It’s been a while!! I am excited to share a couple of blog posts over the next few weeks. I have two slated to go out and can’t wait to see what you all think.

Easton’s nursery may have been one of the most simple projects we’ve completed to date and yet, his room is my favorite nursery we’ve done!! The theme we chose is a woodlands theme and we kept the decor very simple. His carpet is green and so we didn’t want to add too much color since we didn’t plan on replacing the carpet (it’s in good shape).

We used the crib we have used for all of our kids. We just cleaned it really well and shined it up. I then decided that we would use a changing table with baskets for the first couple of years. I did this because, we will likely purchase a new bed once we transition him out of his crib (way down the road…time slow down). And I will want to match the bed with a dresser. So we purchased this inexpensive changing table with lots of storage! We are also lucky in that our kids closets are really spacious and have shelving. So this allows to a ton of storage that can be really organized!

The decor is a mix of Etsy and Hobby Lobby. The decals on the wall are from an Etsy shop and I linked that below for anyone interested. Decals are an easy way to add a feature wall without doing anything too expensive or permanent. These decals are super easy to install and to remove later when you want to change things up. The wall art was all half off at Hobby Lobby and really added a touch of fun!

So there you have it. A nursery on a budget that makes a statement and is super cozy!! Click any of the linked images to shop Easton’s nursery.

1469501-0617[5].jpg    1491679-0918  il_794xN.1070150129_58ap.jpg


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