Fall Decor

It’s Fall…officially. That means I can share all things pumpkin with you!! And I love sharing all things pumpkin! This year I kept things pretty simple and reused all of my fall decor from last year. That’s right… I only purchased two new pumpkins that came from the Target dollar spot and some really inexpensive pillow covers.

Let’s start with the coffee bar…my favorite space to add fall decor to! This year I went with blue tones for the fall in the coffee bar. I love the neutral tones with the pops of blue that match the blue tones in our kitchen backsplash. We also added some shiplap wallpaper to the kitchen that brings in the neutral tones. The wallpaper is peel and stick and is so easy to install and then remove later if you want to make a change.

The next fun space to decorate is our living room. I added a few new pillow covers from my favorite pillow cover shop… Amazon haha. That’s right, if you missed my pillow hack previously… I purchase most of my pillow covers from Amazon. These fall pillow covers were 4 for under $20!! I also used more traditional fall colors in the living room… adding pops of orange, yellow and earthy tones.

Almost all of my fall decor was either purchased from Hobby Lobby or Target dollar spot. Be sure to check out your local Hobby Lobby or their website for some beautiful fall decor at a great price. The trick to decorating for each season is to keep things organized. I pull out all of my bins for the season, lay out everything and then decorate one space at a time until I love it. I do not purchase anything new, until I have used all of my previously purchased decor. And I only decorate one space at a time so that I do not get overwhelmed.

Tip: Shop your home. Use pieces that you already own to add pops of color to your seasonal decor. Pitchers are my favorite pieces to decorate with. I added a pretty yellow pitcher in our living room cabinet for a pop of fall color!

See you next week!

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710xU17suIL._SL1001_    61IDl8Wj7vL._SL1000_

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